TriboDyn Tops the Charts
Proven to reduce friction wear and increase horsepower

Club DSport Magazine put TriboDyn to the test on a 2005 Cadillac Escalade project vehicle.

The dyno readings showed that TriboDyn outperformed a leading conventional oil by reducing friction wear, and thus, increasing horsepower up to 3% as the RPM increased.

Club DSports Magazine recommends TriboDyn oil after these impressive dyno results.

  • Timken Bearing Test

    TriboDyn comes on top of this extreme pressure test conducted to find how leading oils reduce or eliminate damage caused by friction in an internal combustion engine.

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  • Metropolia University Study - Finland

    Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland conducted a study on the effectiveness of major performance oils and TriboDyn® beat them all.

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  • Duramax Diesel Competive Pull

    The High-Performance Duramax Diesel pictured below was beginning a competitive pull while using TriboDyn 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil.

    Upon the start of the pull, the oil pump busted leaving the diesel truck with an oil pressure reading of zero. He continued the pull because he knew the strength of TriboDyn Patented Performance Lubricants.

    Continuing a pull like this with zero oil pressure would typically mean death and a total rebuild. However, upon engine maintenance after the race, we received these pictures from the driver shown below.

    Everything internally was in great shape and the bearings remained 100% intact and useable.

    Bearings remained 100% intact and useable
  • Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil vs. TriboDyn Motorcycle Oil

    Oddball Industries' comparison between Mobil 1 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil and TriboDyn® 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil.

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  • TriboDyn Engine Oil vs. Mobile 1, Valvoline, Brad Penn & others

    Testing by Moe Race Engines in Australia shows how friction reduction in test engines consumed less fuel to produce better results in torque and HP with TriboDyn®. 

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